The Maronite Center for care and residence is an institution of social and medical mission that welcomes senior citizens. It was founded by Monseigneur Antoine Akl in 1950 in association with the nuns of Sainte Thérèse de L’Enfant Jesus.

This institution provides services and reception for senior citizens coming from all regions in Lebanon, and in particular the poorest of them. This Home serves at present one hundred and twenty elderly. Most of them are on the charge of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health. To ensure the health and daily care, residents take benefits of their presence of four doctors, fifty employees and voluntary workers. All of them are working for the service of elderly to offer them health and full care. The center provides them with nutritious meals, suitable for the medical profiles of each one of them in order to preserve their health and contribute their general wellbeing.

Our institution participated in many seminars organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs to draw up professional strategies. In this matter, the doctors, the nurses, and the assistants have benefited from training programs in order to capture the stakes of this demanding plan and be able to give it a concrete form. The institution was also able to lay out rooms, passages, a kitchen and the laundry room with furniture and quality materials. We are also very attentive to the respect of the hygiene rules. The institution also puts at the disposal of the residents in the region a clinic which proposes health care and medicines at reduced rates. It also disposes a physiotherapy center for residents in the home care and non residents.

Senior citizens are admitted after our doctor’s approval and after passing the medical check-up.

We also regularly propose activities to the residents, adapted to their capacities, for all the occasions. Despite the financial difficulties and the challenges, we are working hard to continue in improving the services and health care to the seniors to keep them happy. We benefit from the financial support of many organizations like the municipalities in the region, associations, private enterprises, some generous individuals and schools.

The main issue of our action is to insure to seniors a dignified life. After working hard during their young age, these people today dependant, ask that their right for a retirement plan that insures a material security becomes recognized and applicable.

We ask the Lebanese State to accelerate the establishment of a minimal allowance and to pay it monthly their right. Due to this measure, we will have the capacity to insure as well our missions towards elderly in putting at their disposal medicines, quality health care and warm reception conditions in order to let them live in a good health and happiness.